The Legend of Bloody Mary

Most people have heard of the urban legend about Bloody Mary, A woman that was murdered in the 1700's for giving birth to a baby that was fatherless. The story of Bloody Mary begins with the village condemning her baby to death while Mary watched in horror, and then each person in the village slashed Mary's face while she was forced to watch herself being cut up in a mirror.

There are several different rituals of bringing Mary back, but the most popular is standing in front of a mirror, with 3 candles lit, and chanting the phrase "Bloody Mary I have killed your baby, so come back." This phrase must be chanted 10 times and on the 10th time, Bloody Mary is summoned, but only comes to the chanter's mirror. But, she's said to be a vicious, vengeful ghost which Urban Legend says she will either violently slash your face, drive the person insane that has summoned her, scratch your eyes out, pull you into the mirror to live with her, murder you the same way she was killed, or if by chance you manage to escape her doom, she will haunt you every time you are in front of a mirror.

The ritual was most popular in the 1970's during girl's pajama parties, but men are known to try the rituals also. One story indicates that a girl tried the ritual and said at the end, "I don't believe in Mary Worth" and she fell and broke her hip right after. Is this a coincidence? Maybe, give it a go yourself, If you are truely brave enough to face Bloody Mary.

The most important part besides the candles and the chanting is the mirror. Most use a bathroom mirror, because generally they are large enough to make the ritual work. Other dark rooms with large mirrors also work. Why a mirror? Well it is rumored that as the 30 or more villagers was individually slashing at Mary's face, when she died her spirit was trapped inside the realm of the mirror. After several of the villagers had mysteriously died by viciously being slashed in the face, or came up missing, it was the man that originally impregnated Mary that realized Mary was trapped inside the mirror. He managed to get the mirror, and buried it in Mary's grave, next to her baby's grave. As time went by the mirror eventually was destroyed, thus leaving the vengeful spirit of Bloody Mary forever trapped in a mirror.

The Life of Bloody Mary

Mary Bloodsworth lived deep in the forest in a tiny cottage and sold herbal remedies for a living. Villagers living in the town nearby called her Mary Worthington, and said she was a witch. She was a very beautiful woman and most of the men in the nearby village were enchanted by her. All of the women in the village were jealous of Mary. Many taunted that she was ugly, would never marry, and never have any children.

Then young girls in the village began to disappear, one by one. No one could find out where they had gone. Grief-stricken families searched the woods, the local stores, and all the houses and barns, but there was no sign of the missing girls. A few brave souls even went to Bloody Mary's home in the woods to see if the witch had taken the girls, but she denied any knowledge of the disappearances. Still, it was noted that one of the men had been seen several times at Mary's home. The neighbors were suspicious, but he told everyone that he was going there to try and discover the truth, and hopefully trick Mary into telling him where she was hiding the children. They could find no proof that Mary had taken their young ones.

Then came the night when the daughter of the saw miller rose from her bed and walked outside, following an enchanted sound no one else could hear. The miller's wife had a toothache and was sitting up in the kitchen treating the tooth with an herbal remedy, when her daughter left the house. She yelled for her husband and followed the girl out of the house. The saw miller came running in his bed clothes and tried to restrain the girl, but she kept breaking away and heading out of town.

The desperate cries of father and mother woke the villagers. They came to help the frantic couple. Suddenly, a farmer yelled out and pointed to a strange glowing light at the edge of the woods. A few townsmen followed him out into the field and saw Bloody Mary standing beside a large tree, holding a magic wand that was pointed towards the miller's house. She was glowing with an unearthly light as she set her evil spell upon the miller's daughter.

The townsmen grabbed their guns and their pitchforks and chased after the witch. When Mary heard the noise, she broke off her spell and fled back into the woods. When the villagers reached the cabin and took Mary into custody, she screamed with a great screech, putting a curse on all of the women of the village. This curse is said to be the curse of the chanters. (A curse that causes young women to take part in the ritual of summoning Bloody Mary)

As time went on during her trials the town's folk noticed that Mary was with child. Since she would not tell anyone who the father of the child was, she was put on another trial, for adultery. If Mary was found guilty of this trial, she would be sentenced to complete humility of the village for 9 months. Since the father of the child was not discovered, and Mary proclaimed the child was of an immaculate conception, the local minister declared the child to be of Satan, and ordered to be murdered immediately on delivery. And Mary would be slashed in the face with sharp glass, by every one of the women townsfolk, for the crimes of kidnapping their children.

From that day to this, when a girl reaches her teenage years, and starts spending more time in the mirror, brushing her hair, or putting on her make-up, Mary carries out the original curse on young women, 'The Curse of the Chanters.' Anyone foolish enough to chant Bloody Mary's name ten times before a darkened mirror will summon the vengeful spirit of the witch Bloody Mary. It is said that she will tear their bodies to pieces and rip their souls from their mutilated bodies. The souls of these unfortunate ones will spend the rest of eternity in torment trapped in the mirror with Bloody Mary.

Was There A Real Bloody Mary?

At the Boston Latin School in Boston Massachusetts, The very first school opened in the New World, people have always claimed that Bloody Mary can be seen in the bathroom mirrors of the school. She was always described as standing looking out of the mirror with a bloody dress on and several rusty chains draped around her neck and shoulders.

Up the hill behind the school is a very old grave yard with a lot of tombstones but most have been there so long you can't see the names on the stones any longer. It is said there in the grave yard is where a witch was hung and buried in the 1740's. Yes it's a historical fact that several women were hung in this area for practicing witchcraft. At one of the trials the old transcripts said that a woman was hung for making her neighbors cows go dry and for running a 20 year old woman crazy and for causing her to throw herself into the nearby river and drown. The witches name was Mary Bloodsworth and she was hung on Christmas Day 1741 near the Boston Latin School In Boston Massachusetts, by a rope around her neck until she was dead. She was tried three days before she was hung and eleven of her neighbors testified against the old woman.

At the time that Mary Bloodsworth was buried, it was believed that if you buried a witch wrapped in chains that the witch's ghost could not come back and bother anyone. It's strange that down through the years that when the old woman's ghost was seen in the mirrors of the school that she was wrapped in chains. It was also said that witches were always wrapped in chains and buried facing down.

Over the years people have left offerings of candy, flowers, and dolls at the grave stone of the old witch. Her grave stone is a large red tombstone with no writing on it. People throughout the years have drawn three crosses in a row on the tombstone for luck. There are also rumors that people often practice witchcraft at the old witch's tombstone. They light candles and leave offerings of dead chickens and you can often see where candles have been burned and melted down. Small mirrors are also often found leaning against the old red tombstone by people trying to summon the real Bloody Mary.