Urban Legends

Urban Legends have been a favorite of so many people of all ages throughout the years. Telling scary stories while sitting around a campfire has always made camping more exciting. Sleepovers with friends and telling scary stories, late at night will always be part of having fun with your friends. There are many Urban Legends and we will try to list them all on this website. Some of the more famous are Bloody Mary, Check the Back Seat, Clown Statue, The Curse of the Faceless Woman, and many more Urban Legends.

Scary Stories

When telling a Scary story, you must always make the story sound realistic, while keeping it so creepy that your friends will be intrigued, and concentrating on the story so that at just the right moment you can spring the horror of the Urban Myth upon them to make them scream, jump or shiver with fear. Here at UnexplainedMonsters.comyou will find many scary stories and Urban Myths that will do just that to your friends or guests at the next social event you are hosting. Never be without a scary story again. Make sure to bookmark this site, as we will be adding more and more scary stories and other Urban Myths for your enjoyment.

Urban Myths

An Urban Myth is sometimes confused with an Urban Legend. Urban Legends are scary stories that have went on to become a legend. While an Urban Myth is also a scary story, it has been classified as just a myth, a story that has not been proven, and may just be a scary story that people have tried to convince others as being the truth. Urban Myths are also a great way to scare your friends while at the campfire, or sleepover, and since these stories are also scary in nature, we will also list these as Urban Legends or Scary Stories. We hope you have a great time viewing the many Urban Legends, and Scary Stories here, and please don't forget to view the many videos that will be posted on these pages as well.